About Us

Machha Bhyaguta Dot Com (MBDC), a venture of Lemon Lime Corporation, is a unique retail e-store meant for everyone who likes to be surrounded by style, colours and innovations. An essential destination for humorous yet useful products for every day!

The concept of "machhabhyaguta.com" emerged through a general talk among friends, recollecting the memories of visiting a store in New York which sold amusing and unique products. While talking about the varied products, we realised its unavailability in Nepal. This led to the excitement among us to add some entertainment in the houses and offices of Kathmandu by introducing the crazy products with creative designs and colourful outlook.

So, after a few brainstorming sessions, “Machha Bhyaguta Dot Com” was decided to be the name of this venture. Familiar Nepali terms meaning fish and frog also have a game by its name which is popular among children of every generation. Like the game “machhabhyaguta” brings laughter to our lives, our collection of products will be an enhancement to your daily life bringing the much needed refreshment and fun.

Assuring you the entertainment with innovative and amazing handpicked collection which are useable every day, these products will definitely be worthy of your time and money.

HOOK and HANGER are the two sections in MBDC. Under the HOOK section, the crazy, innovative, amazing household and workplace items will be showcased and in HANGER you will find the apparels.

Unfortunately, MBDC’s delivery service is limited to Kathmandu currently but we definitely intend to go nationwide in the future.

MBDC will be a treat to your eyes and mind, wanting to own every other item you come across!

Enjoy your every click!

Happy Shopping!